Garden Pant - Acacia


Catechu (Acacia)

Often used for its ability to tan and dye clothing, it also has medicinal benefits observed in traditional Chinese medicine.  Its properties are bitter, astringent and cooling– which is why it is applied topically for sores and open wounds to generate flesh and to aid in the arrest of bleeding. This herb is often used for sports injuries, such as bruising, and is seen in traditional formulas such as the centuries-old Dit Da Jow.

Channels: Lung
Properties: Bitter, Astringent
Latin: Catechu
Chinese: 儿茶

Featuring a breathable linen/lyocell blend, our Garden Pant is suited for year-round gardening activities. Lyocell is a semi-synthetic form of rayon composed primarily of cellulose derived from wood. The buttons are made from the corozo nut (or tagua nut), which is the seed of a tropical palm known scientifically as the phytelephas macrocarpas found throughout Northern South America and parts of Panama. 

    • 45% Linen / 55% Lyocell fabric
    • Made in India
    • Naturally dyed in-house
    • Cropped/wide fit
    • Two rear patch pockets
    • Front side pockets
    • Self fabric waist belt



      Waist Thigh Opening Inseam
    1 27 ½" 11" 7 ¼" 24"
    2 29"
    11 ½" 7 ¾"
    3 31 ½ 12" 8" 27"
    32 ½"
    5 35" 13" 8 ½" 30"