Glowing Guatemala Organic Cacao

Glowing Guatemala Organic Cacao

ORA Cacao
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If you are looking for an ally for deep self-inquiry, this cacao is made for you. It can awaken compassion, care, and the ability to reflect with love and honesty. Grown in the K’eqchi Mayalands, this cacao carries with it a strong, wise, yet graceful and mothering energy. It is perfect for a daily ritual of connection to self and when shared with community, activates our awareness to our inextricable connection to each other.

This cacao is grown in a remote village of 125 families located in the Alta Verapaz department - known as the mountains of True Peace. Their village is disconnected from the rest of the world except for a footbridge crossing the raging Cahabón river, and because of this, are still very much connected to their indigenous traditions as they have been able to resist outside influence. Thanks to this, their cacao traditions have remained intact and we have had the honor to learn directly from them during our in-person visits. The Indigenous families we work with make 90% of their income from cacao and we are proud to share that we buy all of the cacao produced by them.

From our farmers in Guatemala, B'antiosh - this is thank you in K'eqchi' Maya!


Organic Cacao Beans from Guatemala


Mothering, Strong, Wise


Insight and Inner Work


Fig, Tobacco, Leather (these are tasting notes, not ingredients)