Woodspell – Courage Dear Heart | Grief & Anxiety Support Tonic

Woodspell – Courage Dear Heart | Grief & Anxiety Support Tonic

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Life can be heavy. Many people tend to carry stress in their chest or heart region, resulting in a blocked heart chakra, palpitations due to stress, anxiety or panic attacks. Courage Dear Heart is a go-to for these folks. Whether this type of stress is due to your own predisposition, grief or trauma, this blend is fast-acting in moments of elevated stress and can be used over time to help curb the emotional rollercoaster of life.


Motherwort, the lion-hearted, is the star of this blend. The fresh tops of the plant were harvested at the cusp of summer when they are most vibrant. Working with fresh motherwort is like receiving the biggest internal hug, reaching to the deepest crevices of the body and mind. Motherwort creates a safe space for us to rest. Tulsi, another favorite heart chakra herb, is there to support motherwort in a gentler way. Where motherwort is fierce, tulsi is sweet and soothing, the perfect balance. Essences of borage and bleeding heart also add an energetic element to help our heart find strength when we have none.

How to Use

Take 20-30 drops up to three times a day straight from the dropper or in a small amount of water. Use on stressful days and preferably on a daily basis to help tone the nervous system over time.


2oz / 48 Servings

  • Organic cane alcohol
  • Spring water
  • Local wildflower honey
  • Fresh motherwort tops
  • Tulsi
  • Wood betony
  • Borage essence
  • Bleeding heart essence