HARA - The center of heaven & creator of life force Qi

HARA (or dan tian) ~ the source of Qi

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the concept of "Hara" or "Dan Tian" refers to the energy center located in the lower abdomen just below the navel. It is considered the center of physical and emotional balance and vitality. It is said to be the source of Qi, or life force energy, in the body. 

In TCM, the Hara is closely associated with the stomach meridian and is considered the physical location of the stomach in the human body. It is believed that when the Hara is imbalanced, it can lead to digestive issues, such as bloating, indigestion, and constipation, a distrust in your gut instincts, and a disconnection to your center.

When comparing the little taiji (microcosm, aka you) to the big taiji (the universe, or macrocosm), your naval is the center of heaven, ruled by Earth. The Earth element is associated with the energetic Spleen and Stomach organs, ensuring a smooth functioning of each one with ample Qi to carry out their important jobs within the ecosystem that is your body.



Ways to promote a balanced Hara and digestive system:

-Eat a balanced diet that includes warm, cooked foods such as soups and stews, avoiding cold, raw foods. 

-Practicing exercises such as qigong, tai qi, or yoga

-Abdominal massage

-Deep breathing exercises, we recommend the 4-7-8 breath method

-Listening to and trusting your gut instincts

-Connecting with the Earth

-Traditional Chinese medicine herbs: our formula Gut Harmony, has a beautiful blend of warming, digestive herbs that have been used medicinally for thousands of years to heal your digestion.

-Managing stress, increased stress leads to increased cortisol and a weakened digestive system. We recommend the rest & digestion method, enjoy your food and don't consume while on the go or in an upset mood.