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About our Cotton

Closer to Earth

Ever wondered why your Mount Sunny shirts get more comfortable with every wash & wear?

Our t-shirts are born from organic cotton grown on 100+ year old farms that have been certified organic by the Texas Department of Agriculture since 1992. By adhering to organic farming practices, we ensure the preservation of the rich, fertile earth that breathes life into each shirt. These sustainable practices include:

  • Nurturing the land through crop rotations,
  • Fostering the habitat of beneficial insects,
  • Keeping our cotton pure—nothing added, nothing removed,
  • Tending the soil with mindful weed control.
  • The cotton is planted in mid-May and harvested after frost in November

  • It's then shipped to a certified organic mill where its ginned and spun into yarn

  • Finally, the shirts are finished, knitted, and sewn in the same factory

Bridging the gap between what goes in and on your body.

A value that we encourage is holding the same standard of what you put in your body to what you put on your body. For us, this means clothing that is made with  absolutely no synthetic dyes or additives, that encourages better soil health, utilizes organic processes, results in minimal waste (less than 1% waste per t-shirt pattern), and producing t-shirts that are 100% Made in the USA, grown and sewn by American workers being paid a fair and lawful wage. 

The result is a product that is made of the land, will return to the land, and in the meantime will provide a new level of coziness with a relaxed fit.