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Earth Enchantment Tonic

Earth Enchantment Tonic

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This essence blend is for earthly re-enchantment. Each drop is a recommitment ceremony to loving and tending ourselves, the spirits, the earth. Opening our eyes to the world around us - and taking in the entire universe with our loving gaze. Earth Enchantment is an animist awakening and a reminder to deepen our connection with the aliveness of everything. It is a celebration of life, collaborative survival, and the beauty of the unknown. Take to remind yourself of who you are and what beauty you are apart of.

Earth Enchantment encourages a deep sense of belonging. Something grounding when we are churning in the unknown. Rooting and rock heavy deep time lovingness.


Take 4 drops as needed. Take a minute and pay attention to your heart.


* orange blossom water
* brandy
* honey
* green bells of Ireland essence
* ghost pipe essence
* earth star mushroom essence
* Mojave dirt & rock essence
* whale essence

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